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Haus of Villains Style Challenge: Jafar

I must find this one, this diamond in the rough....

Me and you both Jafar, am I right ladies? Tell me one woman that isn't looking for their own diamond in the rough. The one that won't get swallowed alive by their cave of wonders. The one that knows how to rub your lamp. The one that can take you on a magic carpet ride that lasts all night long. The one that knows hoe to pet your tiger. The one that lies directly to your face multiple times even after being questioned about it. The one that feeds you apples and calls you crazy. Isn't that what we're all looking for? And for that reason alone I have decided Jafar is the most relate-able villain of all time and I wish to speak nothing more on the matter. 

For my Jafar Disneybound I decided to do something a little more on the simpler side. I knew that I wanted to incorporate a turban into this look, so I decided to go 40's inspired as it wasn't uncommon for Hollywood starlets to wear turbans with high-glam looks at the time. So I built my outfit around that. You can find the turban on my Amazon Storefront here. For the top I layered a red t-shirt underneath my Black Knot Top from Hemet Brand, which I purchased at the Vintage Galeria. This top is one of my absolute favorite pieces in my wardrobe. It's so versatile and so easy to wear and even has snaps for your convenience. Also, everything from Hemet Brand is hand made in the USA, and the fine craftsmanship definitely shows. You can shop at the Vintage Galeria online or in-store at their Temecula location and use coupon code: KARAMIADARLING for buy 1 get 1 20% off! On my Black Knot Top I added a sparkly snake brooch to represent Jafar's serpent staff. For bottoms, I went with these gorgeous elephant pants from Collectif Clothing to keep with the 1940's vibe I was going for.

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