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Haus of Villains Style Challenge: Maleficent

Haus of Villains Style Challenge: Maleficent

Well, well...

We've finally come to the scariest of all villains, the mistress of all evil, Maleficent. Maleficent has actually terrified me from such a young age, and it's no joke. When I saw her at Mickey's Halloween Party two years ago I actually walked the other way completely around Main Street to avoid her. She's one spooky fairy, no matter what the new Maleficent movie says. I refuse to acknowledge any of that movie. She's not a nice lady and she does not love Aurora. That is all.

Maleficent is yet another villain that falls into that purple and black color scheme, making it rather difficult to differentiate her from other villains like Ursula, the Evil Queen, and Frollo when looking at a Disneybound, so I had to really focus on the exact shades and the overall essence of the character.

For this bound I started with a staple in everyone's closet- a little black dress. This particular little black dress is one from Hemet Brand that I got from the Vintage Galeria. Don't forget to use code KARAMIADARLING for buy 1 get 1 20% off at checkout! I absolutely love this dress because it's so versatile and perfect for all occasions. I especially love the criss-cross neckline (which I actually uncrossed to give the dress an entirely new look in a later bound for this series). The dress is handmade and has a ton of stretch which is perfect for when you want to show off those wicked curves. Over my LBD, I added a purple corset which is slightly more on the costume than the bound side, but it's the Halloween season so it didn't feel too inappropriate. I also added green earrings and a green ribbon headband to represent Maleficent's gruesomely green skin.

For my hair, I tried out some victory rolls which I thought would be a good way to balance out the costumey feel of this outfit. Rather than actually wearing ho

rns like Maleficent does, I thought this would be an excellent way to give a nod to that aspect of the character. To achieve this look, I used my Suavecita Pomade, my favorite daily styling product, which is also available at the Vintage Galeria.

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