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Summer of Pixar: Cars- Lightning McQueen by Karamiadarling

Summer of Pixar Look 7: Cars- Lightning McQueen


All Lightning McQueen photos
by Nicole Wiseman
@nicwise on Instagram

I have to be honest with you family, I have never seen Cars all the way through- KACHOW! I remember trying to watch it with my mom, and she left about half way through because she "could not take it anymore", shortly after I lost interest. My mom also left my sister and I in the theater during Chicken Little to go to Office Max because it was "the dumbest movie" she had ever seen. I love my mother so much. KACHOW! I also have not seen Cars 2 or 3 at all*, and I refuse to even acknowledge the existence of Planes.

*It stands to be noted that I plan to watch both sequels as a part of this Disneybound challenge, and that the first Cars movie is playing as I write this. The movie is approximately 4 minutes in and I've already heard "Kachow" seven times. 
Cars is one of the only Pixar films that I did not see in theaters because, even as a child, I had zero interest in a film about talking cars. I understand that people "love Cars" but let's put our opinions aside and get some actual perspective for a second. In 2001, the Academy Awards introduced a brand new category: Best Animated Feature. The first movie to win in this category was Shrek. Shrek won an Oscar. In the 17 years that Best Animated Feature has been a category, Pixar has been nominated 12 times. Of those 12 nominations, only 2 movies have lost. Cars is one of them. And yes, Cars did win a Golden Globe, but the other nominees were Happy Feet and Monster House, and anyway the Golden Globes are just a knock off of the Oscars. Life is a Highway wasn't even written by Rascal Flatts, it's literally a cover song.  KACHOW!
For this look, I was inspired by the one and only Lightning McQueen, because he's just about as full of himself as I am, and my headlights are also just stickers. Being a car, Lightning has a pretty basic color scheme: red, so I took some creative liberties with this one. In all honesty my biggest inspiration for this bound was Cha Cha DiGregorio (the best dancer at St. Bernadette's) from Grease. Any interest I have in cars whatsoever (which is little to none) originated from my love of Grease. 
I started this look with my red Deadly Dames capri pants from Pinup Girl Clothing, and added a red tie up top from Hemet Clothing. I was having a particular skinny day, so I decided to just go for it and not wear a top underneath (oh she's so daring). I broke up all the red with a black belt which FUN FACT: I forgot at home, so we edited in later. Because Lightning has tires and not feet, I picked my black peep-toe Starlet Heels from TUK footwear, 
To accessorize the look, I picked some lightning bolt earrings, and a hair scarf that was reminiscent of a checkered racing flag. I also added some black and white bangles because I'm a bangle type of girl, and some cat eye sunglasses because Lightning is a celebrity and if he were a human, and not a car, I firmly believe that he would wear sunglasses at all times.


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