Apron on mannequin
Apron on mannequin
Apron on mannequin, Close up of fabric
Apron on mannequin
Close up of apron

"Sugar and Spice" Black Sugar Skulls Apron

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Sugar Skulls and Polka Dots Apron

Our newest apron features a beautiful combination of my favorite fabrics. Sugar Skulls, polka Dots and Pink surround this apron making it delicately feminine and sexy
The wonderful halter v-neck style makes this apron stand out. The adjustable straps are long and so more fitting to a variety of body types. One deep 7.5” pockets come in handy when juggling crafts and cooking.

- 100% cotton
- Machine washable
- Handcrafted in the USA


Height (Up-Down) - 29”
Width (bottom) - 34"