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Bona Fide Superior Hold Pomade

Bona Fide Superior Hold Pomade


BONA FIDE POMADE, SUPERIOR HOLD is a water-based pomade with a strong hold, high shine, and fresh citrus scent.  The SUPERIOR HOLD was formulated to grip your hair like a traditional petrolatum based pomade but will wash out with ease.  Say good-bye to the annoying greasy residue of yesteryear!  This pomade is easy to apply, will not flake and will shine and hold all day.  Best of all, with just a bit of water you'll be able to re-activate the formula and restyle your hair if need be.  For whatever style and occasion, the SUPERIOR HOLD has become the go-to pomade of some of the most talented barbers and stylist in the hair industry.

Features:   Strong Hold, High Shine, All-Day Hold, Non-Drying, Applies with Ease & a Light Orange Scent

Best  For   All Hair Types, All Hair Styles desired with High Shine i.e. Slicked-Backs, Side-Parts (not Combovers), Pompadours, and Proper-Clean Hairstyles

All ingredients in Bona Fide Pomade, Superior Hold, are either Synthetic or Plant Derived