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"Just Peachy" Senoritas Apron
"Just Peachy" Senoritas Apron

"Just Peachy" Senoritas Apron

This apron is Composed of Mexican "Senoritas " these gals are featured in amazing settings. Cacti, mission churches, Mariachi outfits, flowers, roses and traditional Mexican attire all surround these festive gals. Red polka dot trimming creates a nice little contrast against this creative background.

A halter style makes this apron stand out against the basic apron cut. The adjustable straps are long and so more fitting to a variety of body types. One deep 7.5” pockets come in handy when juggling crafts and cooking.
-100% cotton
-Machine Washable
-Made in the USA


Height (Up-Down)- 29”
Width (across bottom) - 34"

* Black Crinoline seen under apron is not included