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Ravishing Rosalee Aloe and Roses Moisturizing Toner

Ravishing Rosalee Aloe and Roses Moisturizing Toner


Oh! drive all the boys wild! Could it be your raven colored hair, your marvelous red lips or your glamorous gorgeous glow of your face? You say your secret is aloe & roses? What’s that you whispered? Margarita Bloom! *wink wink*

So glamorous and pinup-licous! This gorgeous white glass bottle are tres fabulous and oh, so purty! Did you know white glass bottles & jars was used for cosmetics widely in the 20's and 30's? Pretty awesome! Full of aloe & roses it'll pretty up your face by helping to remove any dirt that remains on your face after cleansing. Packaging will be different than picture. Skin Types: Sensitive - Acneic - Mature - Dry - Sun Damaged - Oily - Normal - Combination

Cleanse face. Mist onto your face gently or apply with a cotton pad/ball and don't forget to moisturize with it's companion potion the rosehip serum! *wink wink* Happy pampering!