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Zapatistas Subcomandante Marcos Earrings

Zapatistas Subcomandante Marcos Earrings


" The main ideologist and spokesman of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), a Mexican rebel movement fighting for the rights of the indigenous peoples of Mexico. Subcomandante Marcos, the character, the constructed persona, the hologram, the "colorful ruse," was created by the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee of the Zapatistas, because "[the outsiders] can only see those who are as small as they are. Let’s make someone as small as they are, so that they can see him and through him, they can see us." Determined by the Zapatistas to have become a distraction, the figure announced it to be destroyed in late May 2014."
courtesy of wikipedia

Shown on a Silver setting
The image is sealed under a glass dome.

Images are 16mm and are very detailed. You will not be disappointed. The glass makes it difficult to obtain clear photographs.

Other settings are also available.

16mm diameter
Nickel Free & Lead Free

This item is water resistant; however, they are not waterproof. It is recommended that they are removed before swimming or showering.

Other images available.
Please convo me for a custom order.